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Customised invoice finance solutions meeting your funding needs

Finance facilities from start up to £2.0 million


Pulse Cashflow Finance is the unique Business to Business Asset Based lender that bases its finance decisions on the quality of the receivables it is funding. Pulse has a range of Factoring Solutions whatever the circumstances. The initial evaluation is based solely around an informal discussion and a review of the sales ledger and from this we can provide you with a prompt in principle decision.

If you have a good product or service and are supplying to reputable businesses, we will be able to help you. We do not have lengthy application processes nor do we make judgments, we are happy to provide our finance factoring solutions to limited companies in difficult or complex situations. All we ask is that you work with us in an open and honest way to ensure we can structure the most effective facility for you.

We provide factoring solutions for all types of business scenarios – growth, turnaround, new starts – all bespoke to your business.

The facilities we supply may assist your business in the following areas:

  • Rapid Growth
  • Pay creditors and cover expenses
  • Take on larger debtor accounts or expand existing accounts
  • Labour services seeking to cover wages
  • Management buy ins / buy outs
  • Additional working capital
  • Making timely HMRC payment
  • Negotiating trade discount

What we provide:

  • Instant decisions and credit backed offers within 24 hours
  • Fast 5 day turnaround from offer to first cash advance
  • Flexible and bespoke deal structuring
  • Prompt repayment of the incumbent lender (where applicable)
  • Up to 85% invoice pre-payment 
  • Single fixed rate discount charge 
  • No hidden fees
  • Simple application process
  • Access to Pulse Directors and decision makers

How our Factoring Solutions work

You send us your sales invoices and we will advance initially up to 85% of their total value, paying the balance to you on receipt of payment from the debtor.

As part of our Factoring Solutions we include full credit control as part of the service to free up much needed time for you to concentrate on managing your business. This also relieves you of the burden and occasionally embarrassing task of asking your customers for money. As a further added benefit, we credit check your customers and provide you with extra peace of mind by providing debtor protection within our fixed cost.

Flexible Underwriting, we welcome all businesses, even those which may have a complicated history we just ask that you are open and honest with us and we will work with you to find a factoring solution to meet your needs.

Single fixed rate finance

Pulse Cashflow offers a rapid turnaround on the initial first advance, and prompt daily advances thereafter at a single fixed rate fee. This fee can be fixed for the duration of the facility, typically 12 months or you can secure this funding and the fixed rate for up to three years, providing peace of mind from base rate changes and helping the business to budget accurately.

How to apply

For a Solution to your Factoring needs call us on 0845 539 7003 or email providing the following information:

  • Your name and contact details
  • The size of the facility you are looking for
  • The name and company registration number of your customer or customers
  • Copy of your open item sales ledger

We may contact you for further information and should be able to provide you with instant decision.

Instant Decisions

Unlike most lenders, we do not require you to provide reams of financial data or management reporting to support our decision. There is also no credit committee to organise, just a simple decision based on the strength of your sales ledger and audit trail. 

Do I qualify?

If you are a limited company invoicing for delivered goods or services to credit worthy buyers and have a funding requirement between start up and £2 million, then we should be in a position to provide finance.

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