A return to old fashioned funding?


Martin Bennison - Pulse Cashflow Finance

A return to old fashioned funding?

With mainstream funders exercising caution, Martin Bennison explains why it’s time for alternative funders to show that doing things differently will help SMEs access finance and economic growth will follow.

Recent statistics showed that UK businesses are being let down when it comes to accessing funding.  It’s not hard to imagine why they might feel that running a business in recent years can be compared to going fifteen rounds with Mike Tyson.  They have been dealt blow after blow in recent years and when they can finally see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel their ability to access funding to drive business growth is proving difficult.

The overly cautious approach being exercised by mainstream funders is holding economic growth back.  Funding involves taking a calculated risk and managing it.  For our part, we are shouting loud about our commitment to supporting the funding needs of businesses.

We know how important it is that they can access the funds they need when they need them.  Our core market has, and always will be, delivering Invoice Finance to SME’s looking to access facilities up to £5m.  Invoice Finance funds about 14% of UK GDP which makes it an incredibly important source of funding for our economy.

Unlike the mainstream funders we have built a reputation for being different.  

Access to cash

With so many businesses struggling to access the cash that they need, we are working hard to reach as many businesses as possible to demonstrate how our funding solutions will deliver a flexible and ongoing supply of cash to make a difference to their businesses.  

Fast Solutions

We’re in the business of getting cash to those who need it quickly.  We can deliver funding in as little as five days and sooner if the client requires it.

Simple processes

Our fast turnaround is because we make our funding decisions based primarily on the quality of the book debt.  There are no convoluted hoops to jump through. Our processes are designed to ensure we deliver effective solutions as simply and as quickly as possible.  

Service excellence

Great service matters to us. A large majority of our clients are introduced to us by advisors who too expect excellence when it comes to client service.  We put our clients at the heart of everything that we do so they receive a service second to none.

Relationships matter

Our team are friendly and personable because that’s how we like to work.  We strive to achieve great working relationships with every client. Inevitably in business, at times things may go wrong but because we make sure that we understand our clients, their business, and their expectations our team can resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Dedicated point of contact

We have one of the best client to staff ratios in the industry.  We believe that our clients want and expect dedicated account managers.  Someone who is always there for you and on your side.

Empowered team

We empower our teams to make decisions to resolve situations fast.  And because we don’t believe in hierarchies, if they need to escalate something, they have easy access to senior decision makers.


We have earned a reputation as a nimble agile independent funder.  We don’t have credit committees or long decision-making processes.  Our team work together to deliver rapid solutions when required.

If your clients work with us, they can be assured that they will find a positive answer to their funding challenge, and you will have a happy client.  

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