Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What size deal are you able to fund?

A: Turnover from startups projecting £300k in first year to £15 million where funds required up to £2m

Q: What kind of entity will you fund?

A: The business must be a Limited entity or LLP– we will not deal with sole traders and partnerships.

Q: Do you take personal guarantees?

A: We will always look to secure a Personal Guarantee from the major shareholder/director of the
business – whether this is limited, will be subject to the facility and considered risk of the debt.
We will always look to the strength of that Personal Guarantee, in terms of whether they are
homeowners or not. This gives us more traceability to the individuals and value to the Guarantee.

Q: On what criteria do you base your credit decisions?

A: We will always gauge the strength of a lead, based on the debtor book, and this is the first piece
of information that we request – We then set about applying for credit limits on the top 5-10
customers as an early indication.

Q: What if you can’t obtain credit limits on the debtors?

A: If the debtors appear not creditworthy, this may well be where the lead comes to a halt, and we
cannot proceed any further – We will of course come back to you to see if they have any supporting

Q: What's the next stage after you receive supporting credit limits?

A: If the debtors appear supportive to the limits required, the next stage is to speak to the prospect
regarding the invoicing procedure and paper trail to support the debt.

Q: What if our current funding relationship has broken down or we are suffering creditor pressure?

A: We will look to fund Turnaround situations, Manage-aways and instances where the current
funding relationship has broken down. Again, all subject to the above debtor consideration being in

Q: What happens if the business is seasonal or has unusual circumstances?

A: Our flexible approach means that we will always look for ways to fund invoices so that we can
provide finance to support the clients’ business. We view each client on a case by case basis.

Q: The business is exposed to only a few debtors and concentrations can occur. Can you fund these debtors?

A: We look at this on the strength of the debtor, the paper trail involved and the security available.
We can also look at selective debtor facilities.

Q: Our ability to collect cash on time from our customers sometimes is problematic. How can you help?

A: We can also provide credit control support functions such as debt collection and debtor
verification. We have more information about this too, and you will find all of this in our solutions
section under Outsourced Credit Control.

Q: When can our client expect an initial call following the submission of a lead to you?

A: We look to make same day initial contact.

Q: Once the offer is accepted by my client, when can they expect to commence the facility and receive the initial funding?

A: The vast majority of our prospects receive their initial payment within 5 days of signing our offer
(subject to satisfaction of pre-conditions).

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